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Executive search

Executive search - Your company needs to grow and win. We offer you executive search services that will find you team members, that will help you to achieve this. Our senior consultant brings over 11 years of experiences from over 1000 market surveys in the region of CEE.

Our competent, reliable and insightful approach will address your search needs more effectively than you have ever had a chance to witness before. Because we are a trusted partner, not a blind-date service.


We support our clients with downsizing the company and help their former employees through the transition to new jobs and help them re-orient to the job market. A company provides the practical advice and support.

Outplacement is delivered through individual one-on-one sessions as a assistance in career management. Topics include:

  • career guidance, career evaluation, resume writing
  • interview preparation, developing networks, job search skills,
  • targeting the job market, individualized attention, career assessment test
  • job search tips, list of most commonly questions, plus salary report to aid them in salary negotiation